About DDCN


About DDCN

The Drug Diversion Control Network (DDCN) is a medical information company serving a need to identify and address the growing problem of prescription drug diversion. The goal of the DDCN is to protect the rights of individuals who have legitimate pain issues, to protect the health and welfare of the public, and to prevent prescription drug diversion by the subset of those individuals in our society who choose to illegally divert controlled substances.


  • To establish Drug Diversion Control Network, Inc. (DDCN) as a resource for up-to-date information for practicing pharmacists, physicians, and their patients relative to the ever-changing field of pain management. This information includes but not limited to, treatment protocols, pharmaceutical, and non-pharmaceutical treatment options, physician referrals, rehabilitation centers, identification of those patients whose pain management is not being adequately addressed, and those individuals who are misappropriating, diverting, and/or overusing their controlled substances.
  • To hire adequate staff to implement our business concepts.
  • To provide information via a secured website to pharmacists, physicians, and law enforcement agencies relative to those patients who are endangering themselves, the public, and the licensures of their treating physicians and pharmacists.
  • To provide a centralized location for accumulation and dissemination of pertinent data relative to the DDCN.
  • To provide state-of-the-art computer and electronic equipment to store and make readily available for easy retrieval, pertinent data to all DDCN members, relative to drug diversion activity.
  • Our initial objective is to provide these services to those pharmacists, physicians, and individuals located in the State of Texas with expansion to include all states, as growth and finances allow.


To create an environment for the physician, pharmacist, and patient whereby medications can be prescribed under appropriate pain management guidelines, requiring adequate medical testing to sufficiently document the medical necessity for the prescribing and dispensing rationale. All of the above without fear of repercussions from state and federal medical and government authorities. Additionally, to provide medical literature, treatment alternatives, rehabilitation resources to protect the health and welfare of the patient, and the safety and wellbeing of the public.

Company Summary

In March 2008, DDCN was founded by a pharmacist due to his concern for the extent and magnitude of the prescription drug diversion market and his evaluation of the inability of both state and federal law enforcement agencies to properly monitor and regulate the illegal prescription drug diversion market. DDCN has been very effective in identifying and isolating those individuals who are seeking prescription controlled substances from multiple physicians. Through our direct efforts, we have uncovered a major prescription forgery ring, subsequently reporting this information to the DEA for prosecution. Even though currently 'doctor hopping' is not illegal in the State of Texas, the DDCN treats it as illegal. When we identify an individual as a 'doctor hopper', the prescription(s) are confiscated and canceled by our pharmacy members. All physician members of the DDCN adhere to this policy. These 'doctor hoppers' can no longer fill any controlled substance prescriptions at affiliated DDCN pharmacies nor seek controlled substance prescriptions from affiliated DDCN physicians. A positive fallout of this policy has resulted in some individuals returning to the pharmacies from which they had originally been banned, subsequently seeking advice regarding rehabilitation services to treat their drug dependence or addictions.

Company Ownership

Drug Diversion Control Network, Inc. (DDCN) is a privately held Texas Corporation.

Company History

Drug Diversion Control Network was established in March 2008, initially under the name of Doctor Hopper Network. The name was changed in March 2009 to Drug Diversion Control Network, Inc. to better describe the overall theme and effort of our activity. Our efforts are aimed at preventing the illegal diversion of controlled substances and providing educational and information resources relative to rehabilitation services and drug awareness. Even though DDCN is a small company, we can make a big difference in the war against illegal drug use. We have already proven this statement because we have identified 'doctor hoppers' numbering in the thousands and the process, uncovered a major prescription drug forgery ring, since our inception in March 2008. DDCN has done all of this, utilizing a manual system of information dissemination to affiliated network members. This current manual system is inadequate to meet the needs of the DDCN members. To maximize our efforts, state-of-the-art computerization linked to internet services has been installed and will provide our network members with real-time information.