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100% of the restaurant's menu meets daily USDA nutrition limits* 
* Each of our meals contain 1/3 to 1/2 of USDA limits. See the "Simplified Nutrition" page for details
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“I love the taste of fast food, but it is difficult to find what’s really healthy”. If you agree with this, our story will provide a solution. Paul Chaudury after over ten years of heading meal development and nutrition with leading food companies meets nutritionist, Sandra Hunter at Delnor hospital for personal health improvement. Friends and families loved the tasty and healthy meals they created and asked them to do this for a bigger cause where everyone can enjoy the taste with simplified nutrition.

Every day, we see messages like all natural meat, fresh baked bread and 500 calorie meals and wonder if these alone can solve my nutrition need. They are all true but fat and sodium for the meals are almost always 200% higher than USDA daily limits.

Fresh D’Lite was formed to simplify all confusing health messages and only apply nationally credible nutrition. A panel of chefs and nutritionists created the taste first and then developed the right nutrition that meets USDA daily limits for the entire menus. For all seven USDA nutrition guidelines – calorie, total fat, saturated fat, sodium, carb, and cholesterol.

How did we accomplish our goal? Unlike most chain sandwich shops or bakery cafes, Fresh D’lite has a real kitchen with grills where fresh meats are grilled all day. This approach allows us to avoid typical processed and preserved meat, dressing etc. with high sodium and then warming without real fresh cooking. Our chefs searched nationwide for those recipes with the best taste. All ingredients are fresh from the local area.

Meeting the entire list of USDA nutrition limits is a holistic approach. It is much beyond weight management. It helps achieve a much bigger health goal. The good health that deals with high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. No one else in the country has taken this holistic approach.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about nutrition numbers anymore. Experts have already addressed the numbers. They are in the store and on the website with very simple charts that show all numbers are 1/3 or less than USDA daily limits. All meals are under 500 calories. We want you to focus only on your eating enjoyment with great taste.

Come with your family and friends to the cool and comfy best gathering place in town for lunch, dinner, or an afternoon healthy snack when you just want to talk.
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D’Lite your taste with “worry-free” nutrition! 
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