Restoration Process

The photo restoration process requires several steps. They are digital scanning, computer-assisted restoration, and printing. Your original photo is not harmed or changed in any way. All of the restoration work is applied to a digital copy.

Scanning and Evaluation Process

Once we receive your original photo, we first evaluate the damage and then plan for the restoration process. Next, your photo is scanned with a professional flatbed scanner, producing a computer file into our computer. We then adjust the exposure, contrast, and brightness levels to obtain the best image. Now we are ready to begin the actual restoration process.


We start by removing the blemishes, spots, and stains. Next, we skillfully remove the cracks, rips, and tears then blend these areas to match the surrounding parts of the photo. If parts of the picture are missing, we will use the surrounding picture area to create the missing parts. Once we are satisfied that the restoration work is complete, we make a print to further check our work.


From this digital file, actual photographic prints of your restored photo can be made, placed on a CD or even create a CD slideshow.

Your Restored Photos

Your original photo and the restored print(s) and/or photographic disk(s) are carefully packaged and returned to you via mail or express shipping. The entire process takes about 10 business days, so allow enough time if you have a special occasion or holiday for which you would like to have the photo(s).

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