Why should I have a website?

When is the last time you looked for a company in a phone book? If you don't have a website, how will potential clients find you online? And, if they're not finding you, who are they finding instead - your competition? A website is now a potential profit center, an important branding tool, automated sales, marketing, and customer service operation. Having a web site has become as important as having a business card. If your company or business has no Internet presence, then you are missing a crucial link to interact with customers. A well-designed website can make you money and save you money at the same time by streamlining your information systems and other important processes.

How much does it cost for a website?

Every situation is different, that's why its best to get a free quote. Usually a basic website is going to cost $110.00 - $350.00, a medium range site is going to cost $375.00 - $750.00 and a high end site is going to run $800.00 - $3100.00. REMEMBER this is just an example. We have done sites for as little as $110.00 and quoted sites as much as $5,125.00. We don't pride ourselves on being the least expensive, we pride ourselves on being the best for your money.

What determines the cost of a website?

The cost is determined upon the requirements of the customer. We will work with you to develop the most cost-effective website for your needs. Complete and submit our online questionnaire and we will respond with an initial cost estimate for your website.

What information do you need from me to get started?

We need any text, images, logos, and any other information you would like on the site.

What is the guarantee of quality?

We ensure that our company provides the highest quality work. If you are not satisfied, we will revise your website until the work we create is exactly what you want.

How much does it cost to host a website with TRWebCreations?

We list several different package rates that are set up for customer convenience. Please check the rates at our Web Hosting page.

Do I have to host with you?

We do not host websites ourselves. We prefer to focus on the design and marketing of our clients web sites.

Why do I need to "market" my website?

Over 77% of people who go to a company's website get there by typing relevant keywords and phrases into search engines. If you decide you are not getting the traffic you need, we will conduct an analysis of your site, evaluating its design, graphics, text, functionality and style. Then we prepare a written report with our findings, along with suggestions on how to improve your site for better search engine listings.

Where are you located?

We are located in Algonquin, Illinois, however we do most of our business with companies from all over the United States.

What if I need to update my website later?

Keeping your website up to date is important, and can keep customers coming back to your site again and again. We have several maintenance packages available to our customers.

How do I pay for the work done?

Half of payment is due at the start of a project, and half upon completion. We accept all major credit cards via PayPal. we also accept payment via check or money order.

How much say do I have?

The more input we receive from you the better able we will be to satisfy your needs and produce a site that will have the desired look and impact that you want. It's your website, we want it to look the way you want it. We guarantee it 100%.

Who writes the text for each of the pages on the website?

You are responsible for writing the copy/text for your website. However, we will place your supplied copy on the website for you.

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